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"Sauce" is a term that includes everything from the Classic sauces of French Cuisine to salad dressings, gravies, fruit toppings and those from other national cuisines.  Lily Levin explains in our Chinese Cuisine that the term sauce is a western concept. In Asian cuisine "Sauce Happens".  It is created during the cooking process, thicken and  served in the dish.  Never the less, the one thing that all sauces have in common is that they are flavored liquid, and are used in the cooking process or served as an enhancement to a dish.

The function of a sauce is to ad flavor that will compliment the flavor and texture of a dish.  It is important that any sauce, to or cold is prepared and seasoned thoughtfully so as to enhance the natural flavors of a dish.

Great sauces can not be rushed, as with all cooking patience is a must to achieve the proper texture and deep layers of flavor that is expected from a true quality sauce.  Today there are many pre-prepared or convenience products that may be used to avoid the labor costs associated with making the classics.  However, few if any will give the required quality of results without the chef adjusting or making enhancements to the product prior to service.

It is important that all who cook experience a sauce that has been prepared well so as to have a standard to compare other products to.

Sauces may be strained or contain a garnish.  well made sauces will have the following characteristics.

bullet    Distinctive texture
bullet    A concentration of flavor that will compliment the dish on which it is to be used
bullet    A color characteristic to the type and with a finished appearance
bullet    The proper consistency

Sauces may use thickeners like a roux, liaison, cornstarch or in the case of cold sauces, egg or modified starches.

Western sauces may be grouped into 5 categories along with side categories of national or special hot and cold sauces.

Basic Brown Sauces

Brown Sauce
Fond brun lie 

Secondary Brown sauce

Demi Glace Demi glace


Basic White Sauces

White Sauce, Velouté

Béchamel Sauce, Sauce Béchamel

Secondary White Sauces

Allemande Sauce, Sauce Allemande

Supreme Sauce Sauce Suprême


Basic Tomato Sauce

Tomato Sauce, Sauce Tomate


Basic Butter Sauces

Hollandaise Sauce, Sauce Hollandaise

Béarnaise Sauce  Sauce Béarnaise


Basic Oil Sauces

Mayonnaise, Sauce Mayonnaise

Vinaigrette  Sauce Vinaigrette


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