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wpe2E.jpg (21557 bytes)Liaison - Egg Yolks and Cream
A mixture to used as a thickener, egg yolks and cream are used to add texture, mouth feel and flavor to soups and sauces.  The richness that this thickener can add when finishing a soup or sauce is unmistakable to the palate.  When adding a liaison it is important to add a small amount of soup or sauce to the liaison and stir it together to temper the mixture prior to mixing it into the product.  This will help prevent the mixture from breaking as it is added to the hot product.
  Yield:    for 1 quart or liter of soup or sauce
Ingredients U.S. Metric
For sauce    
Egg Yolks 2 to 4 ea 2 to 4 ea
Cream 3/4 cup 2 deciliters
For soup    
Egg Yolks 1 ea 1 ea
Cream 1/2 cup 1 deciliter
1.  Mix the egg yolks and cream together
2.  Add a small amount of the hot sauce or soup to the liaison mixture 
3.  Strain through a cheese cloth
4.  Add the strained mixture to the rest of the soup or sauce
5.  Place in a double boiler to prevent the mixture from reaching a temperature higher than 180F (80C)

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