Compound Butters

Compound Butters

The term compound butter can apply to a variety of preparations:
bulletButter cooked to different degrees
bulletSimple compound butter, which is butter with one or more substances added
bulletComplex Compound, such as crustacean butter, when the butter is used to extract the flavor from various shellfish or products.
bulletHot Compound butter, which are used as sauces, for example Beurre blanc or lemon butter.
bulletButter sauces utilizing cream, a modern technique used to allow the service of a butter sauce at a higher temperature.

The use of compound butters in the kitchen has diminished in the recent past, but we are beginning to see a resurgence lead by the shell fish compound butters

Anchovy Butter Basil Butter Cafe de Paris Butter Caviar Butter Colbert Butter Dill Butter Garlic Butter Horseradish Butter Lobster Butter Maitre d Butter Mustard Butter Seasoned Butter Shrimp Butter.

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