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Sauce Mayonnaise                                                                   Yield: 10 quarts or 10 liters

Ingredients U.S. Metric
Egg Yolks 40 ea 40 ea
Oil 8 1/2 quarts 8 1/2 liters
Vinegar 1 3/4 cups 4 deciliters
Lemon Juice 4 ounces 120 milliliters
Mustard 4 ounces 100 grams
Salt 2 ounces 50 grams
Worcestershire Sauce 1 ounce 30 milliliters
Cayenne pepper 1/4 teaspoon 2 grams
1. Beat egg yolks on a mixer at medium speed, until well beaten
2. Mix Dry ingredients with one half of the vinegar and add to the beaten eggs
3. Gradually add the oil to the beaten egg yolks, while constantly mixing
4. After all the oil has been added, add the remainder of the vinegar and beat for another 5 minutes
Season with the lemon juice and Worcestershire sauce

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