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Emulsified sauces bring together elements that do not readily mix or stay mixed on their own.  The two most recognizable sauces in this category are hot emulsions based on egg yolks Hollandaise and Béarnaise.  A third basic butter sauce is a white butter sauce or beurre blanc sauce that is not stabilized with egg yolks. Because this sauce is not stabilized it is thinner and separates more easily tan those with an egg yolk base.

Emulsified sauces are unstable when subjected to high temperatures or if allowed to stand too long and they will separate.

The production of a emulsified sauce over heat requires constant adjustment to regulate the temperature of the product as you as making it.


bulletThe egg yolks must be cooked slowly, over a moderate heat.  You must remove and then put the bowl back on the heat from time to time to avoid letting the product get too hot.
bulletIf possible all products should be as close to the same temperature as possible when mixed
bulletWhen the butter is absorbed into the sauce it should become thick and firm
bulletThe thickness of the sauce can be adjusted to the correct consistency with a small amount of water.
bulletThe emulsion sauce is usually finished with a few drops of lemon juice. and then passed through a fine sieve or muslin cloth

Hollandaise Repair Emulsion.

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