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Spaghetti Squash  The spaghetti squash has a light yellow to orange flesh.  When cooked, the fibers form into strings and when removed, by stripping with a fork, the flesh then has an appearance of spaghetti.

Microwave - Pierce rind, microwave on high until squash skin feels soft, approximately 6 to 6 minutes per pound, let stand for 5 minutes, cut in half remove seeds, twist out strands with fork.

Cut in half Remove seeds Punch wholes with fork, place in pan cut side down, in 1/4 inch of water
Remove from oven when soft Scrape with fork Serve

Oven - Cut in half remove seeds, place face down on pan and bake at 375˚for 20 minutes per pound or until tender, remove and twist strands out with a fork.

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