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Varieties Taste Texture Avg. weight (lbs) Yield  Comments
Mini Sweet Dumpling Sweet, unappealing color  low   
Buttercup  Sweet, dark gold flesh  high  Sunburns, susceptible to sow bug damage, doesn't keep long. 
Blue Hubbard  Blue-gray skin, dense yellow texture  32  very high  Thick skin. A standard heirloom variety. The largest squash that we grew. Not for the home garden. 
Sweet Meat  Similar in appearance but better-tasting than Blue Hubbard  19 very high  Thick skin, a good keeper 
Kabocha  Mild flavor  unknown  
Butternut  A standard in taste and texture. Brownish-orange colored flesh.  3 1/4  high  We rated all squash against this benchmark - it is easy to grow, not susceptible to insect damage or sunburn, keeps well, very small seed cavity 
Delicata  Very sweet, delicious yellow flesh  1 1/4  low   
Honey Delight  Bland  unknown   
Pink Banana  Good for a banana squash  25  very high   
Hokido  Bland  unknown  
Red Kuri  Rich orange color  5 1/2  unknown   
Acorn  Traditional was good, the cream-colored variety was tasteless  2 1/4  med  Sunburns - we had a cream-colored and a traditional orange-fleshed variety. The traditional variety scored higher. 
Lakota  Bland, bright orange color  med   
Turk's Turban  Most attractive squash - Makes a beautiful fall table centerpiece  6 very high   
Sicilian Pumpkin  Very stringy, strong flavor  30  very high  Both these pumpkin varieties had beautifully-colored flesh 

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