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Winter Squash

U.S. No.1 shall consist of one variety which are well matured, not broken or cracked, free from soft rot or wet breakdown, no damage caused by scars, dry rot, freezing, dirt, disease, insects, or mechanical means.  It is advisable that minimum size or range of sizes be specified as 6 pound minimum

Fall and Winter Squash  this squash is well matured meaning the squash has completed its ripening process to a stage of development which is indicative of good handling and keeping quality for the variety.  They should be free of scars (except stem scars) caused by rodents or other means which are not well healed and corked over.

Summer Squash

U.S. No.1 squash of similar variety with stems attached, which are fairly young and fairly tender, fairly well formed, firm, free from decay and breakdown, and from damage caused by discoloration, cuts bruises, scars, freezing, dirt, disease, foreign materials and mechanical means

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