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There are many varieties of squash, in various shapes, sizes, and colors.  Squash is placed into 3 classifications for marketing purposes.
    Soft Shelled, immature, small
    Hard shelled mature small
    Hard shelled, mature, large
The terms summer and winter squash are deceptive and confusing so the above categories are best to use.

Quality  The soft shell, immature squashes, such as Crookneck and Zucchini, should be fresh, heavy for their size, and of the color characteristic to the variety.  The rind should be tender (easily punctured with fingernail) and the seeds should be soft and easily edible

Grades   U.S. No.1 squash of similar variety with stems attached, which are fairly young and fairly tender, fairly well formed, firm, free from decay and breakdown, and from damage caused by discoloration, cuts bruises, scars, freezing, dirt, disease, foreign materials and mechanical means

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