Hard Shelled Squash

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There are many varieties of squash, in various shapes, sizes, and colors.  Squash is placed into 3 classifications for marketing purposes.

    Soft Shelled, immature, small
    Hard shelled mature small
    Hard shelled, mature, large

The terms summer and winter squash are deceptive and confusing so the above categories are best to use.

Hard shelled, mature squashes are not expected to be fresh in the same  sense as the soft shell or immature squash.  The shall should be in tack and show no decay.  In this type of squash the seeds must be removed as they are expected to be hard and inedible.

Fall and Winter Squash  this squash is well matured meaning the squash has completed its ripening process to a stage of development which is indicative of good handling and keeping quality for the variety.  They should be free of scars (except stem scars) caused by rodents or other means which are not well healed and corked over.

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