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Good personal hygiene is the first step in preventing food borne illness and the spread of disease-causing bacteria. It is vital for you to follow these simple rules throughout your career in the foodservice industry.
1. You should bathe daily, using deodorant and / or anti-bacterial soap.
2. You should wash your hands before, during and after preparing foods. You should wash your hands whenever you finish working with raw products in order to prevent cross-contamination of foods.
3. You should always wash you hands extremely well after using the restroom in order to reduce the risk of Hepatitis A contamination. You should also wash your hands after smoking, coughing, sneezing, scratching, etc.. in order to reduce the risk of Staphylococcal contamination as well.
4. You should always have your fingernails cut short and kept very clean. Any hangnails should be properly trimmed and covered to prevent infection as well.
5. If you have any cuts, abrasions or other open wounds on your hands, you should have them properly dressed and you should always wear protective gloves over them as well.
6. You should always wear proper hats, hair nets, etc. to reduce the possibility of hair and / or dandruff falling into the food.
7. You should wear a clean uniform. Although your uniform may be free of visible debris, it can be a carrier for disease-causing microorganisms.
8. You should not wear any jewelry when working with food. Rings, wristwatches, bracelets and necklaces can easily be lost in a working environment, and are much safer if left in your pocket, or even at home.
9. You should never chew gum, toothpicks or tobacco in the kitchen. You should never smoke in the kitchen, spit, or taste your product with your fingers. Besides looking unprofessional, these activities can also promote the spread of Staph Infection.
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