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You should be aware of the proper methods in insuring that your food is cooked within safe parameters. This is particularly important when you are cooking meat products and you need to remember the temperatures that are necessary for the safe consumption. The general rule is to insert the thermometer into the thickest part of the meat or stuffed item to insure that the coldest part of the food item is checked for its temperature.
All foods that have been previously served and cooled, and are now being reheated 165 F .
All poultry and game birds 165 F .
Stuffed meats 165 F .
Stuffing 165 F .
Pork, ham and bacon that has been cooked with standard cooking heating elements 150 F .
Potentially hazardous foods 140-165 F.
Beef Roast 125 F.
Beef steaks . 125 F
Food Preparation
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