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HACCP is an abbreviation for Hazard Analysis Control Points.
This is a nationally recognized approach to kitchen management that seeks to identify specific hazards at important points in the food production system.  A critical control point is a point during the processing of a food item when a mistake in maintaining proper temperatures, storage, preparation, handling, cooking, or service procedures, along the food delivery and preparation chain, could result in the illness or even death of a guest.

When implemented the knowledge of HACCP guidelines constantly remind food service workers of the importance of  inspection and sanitation controls of the products they use.  Knowing the proper procedures and recognizing the quality and wholesomeness of food also helps to insure a quality product to the guest.

The primary weapons against food borne illness are heat and the removal of heat (cooling) from raw and prepared product.  Microbes grow slowly at cooler temperatures and when heat is applied to a product for a period of time it will destroy bacteria. Both proper cooling and heating of a product prior to service will help insure slower bacteria growth in that product held prior to service.

Although heating and in some cases freezing will reduce the number of bacteria, it will to make a spoiled food wholesome.  Most toxins produced by bacteria are not destroyed by the temperature at which foods are cooked.

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