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Equipment safety is essential in order to prevent physical hazards within the kitchen. It is vital for you to learn how to properly use your personal equipment as well as the variety of equipment that you will have to use in various kitchens.
1. You must learn proper knife handling skills before you attempt anything in the kitchen. If you do not possess basic knife skills, it is important to talk to your instructor and receive any necessary training first.
2. When transporting your knives within the kitchen, you should hold them firmly by the handle and have the blade pointed down along your side.
3. You should always clean and sanitize your equipment before and after you prepare each item. This will prevent cross-contamination between food items, and becomes simple as you continue to practice this. A simple solution of 2 tablespoons bleach to 1 quart water is a suitable Sanitizer.
4. Learn the proper usage, cleaning and storage of any equipment you are going to use in the kitchen. If you are not sure about any piece of equipment, ask you instructor for specific training.
5. When you are handling hot pots or pans, keep handles pointed away from aisles and, if you must place a hot pan on a shelf or table, please mark the item to indicate that it is hot.
6. When you are handling hot pots or pans, you should use proper safety mitts or holders whenever possible.
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