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Pueblano Spiked Roast with Grilled Corn Cake

Roasting -

There are two main methods of roasting

The first would be used with top grades of meat that have a fat covering such as prime rib.  when using these types of quality meats we would not sear the product but would roast them at a constant temperature until the internal temperature has reached the desired doneness we wish to serve.  To determine the doneness of a larger roast or product insert a meat thermometer so that the tip or sensor area on the thermometer reaches the center of the product. and then check for the desired internal temperature.

The second method involves large pieces of game, poultry and meat with out a fat covering which are seared before roasting.  To sear the meat in the oven pre heat the roasting pan in the oven to at least 400° F (200°C) place the meat in the pan brown then turn the oven down to a lower temperature (300° F) and roast basting frequently until your meat thermometer registers the desired temperature. Large pieces of fish may be seared at a lower temperature

Spit roasting is done at a higher temperature 475° to 525° F (250° to 280° C) which sears the meat.  Due to the high temperature spit roasted foods require basting to prevent dryness in the final product.  Off course when spit roasting very large pieces of meat lower temperatures are required so as the product will reach the proper internal temperature without charring and drying out  the outside.

Roasting Temperature Chart

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