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Broiling or Grilling
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Broiling or Grilling - Griller

Often used for meats, poultry, seafood and some mushrooms and vegetables, broiling is done when the product is placed on  rack and heat is applied from above or below.  The is direct and of a temperature of 425 to 475 at the beginning of the process to sear the meat and turned down to 300 to 400 to complete the process on larger product.

When possible do not use a fork as piercing  will allow the juices to escape.

Meat that is rare will have a spongy or soft feel, medium rare meat is slightly springy, medium is springy, while well done is firm and does not spring back.  Red meat is usually best at medium to medium rare while white meats are cooked well done.

Lower fat content meats and some vegetables are often marinated before cooking to help tenderize, soften or to help retain moisture.

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