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Oven-baking -
Cuire au four

Baking is often associated with pastry and desserts, however we often say we bake a fish but roast a piece of beef.  After much debate we find that both roasting and baking are both dry heat cooking methods, but for the most part when we bake we do not turn the product over during the cooking process.  Roasting on the other hand, often requires the product to be turned.  For example you would not turn a cookie cake or pie over in the oven to insure an even brown coloring while you may turn a duck, chicken, or roast.

Baking is most often done in a temperature range of 275 to 475F (140to 250C), depending on the food to be cooked. Some dishes require the temperature to be increased or decreased after a certain period of time in the cooking process. Baking is most often done using an uncovered sheet pan, rack, mold, or specialized containers like pie or casserole dishes.

Convection ovens are used for baking in the modern kitchen and operate with the use of forced air that circulates in the oven cavity resulting in a more rapid baking process.  Therefore the temperature should be adjusted and the food monitored to prevent the product from over cooking or drying out.

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