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There are no absolute rules in present-day menu preparation, but the following should be kept in mind when producing a gastronomically correct menu:

The same meat or poultry should not appear twice in the same menu, even if prepared in different ways;

Cooking methods must be varied - for example, a poached fish should  not be followed by a poached chicken:

Complementary flavors must be evident;

A proper balance of textures should be noticed;

Garnishes should be varied - for example, if tomatoes or artichoke bottoms are used as a garnish for one course, it should not be used in any other;

Colors should be alternated - for example. Two white sauces should not be served in succession. If a fish has a white sauce, it should not be followed by a poultry with a white sauce;

The menu should be written in clear, comprehensive language;

Classical garnishes, such as grapes and fleurons in Dover Sole Veronique; and lardoons, mushrooms and pearl onions in a Bourguignon, are usually part of the dish. These should not take the place of accompanying vegetables and starches

Food should follow current nutritional standards.

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