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The  Standard on the Seven Course Gastronomique Meal

May consist of the following:

1. Cold or hot hors d'oeuvre or appetizer.

2. Soup - a first-class potage, thick soup served in as soup plate, or clear soup which may be served in a cup.

3. Fish or shellfish - depending on the entrée, a poultry item may be used.

4. Palate cleanser.

5. Main course - with appropriate vegetable garnish.

6. A cold dish with salad or fine vegetable

7. Hot or cold dessert.

In modern service, the salad may be served prior to the entrée.

The cheese course is a controversial one. Many connoisseurs state it is out of place in an elaborate dinner. In France, cheese may be served before the dessert. In other countries, it is eaten at the end of the meal.

The menu should be clearly written so as not to confuse the guests

Each course should be properly described.

Remember: 15-22 oz. of solid food is more than enough for a total meal.

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