Single Portion Technique

Moist Techniques
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Pan Smoking

In an ala carte situation when it is not practical to pan smoke in volume individual portions can be smoked to order by using 2 small sauté or fry pans.

Place the fine wood chips or sawdust in the bottom of a well-heated pan (iron skillets are excellent). Allow the wood to begin smoldering. Place a rack such as a small cake cooling rack that has legs to elevate the product over the wood so as not to allow it to burn. Place the food product on the rack and using the second pan of the same type and size as a cover place it upside down on the lower or first pan.

Allow the product to smoke, turning is not necessary, for about as long as it would take to sauté. The times of course will very based on the size, thickness and density of the product.

Remove plate and serve immediately.


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