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1. Cover the bottom of a 4-in. aluminum hotel pan with about 4-1/2 oz. of wood chips or shavings. (A cast-iron skillet can be used for individual portions; adjust wood amounts accordingly.) If desired, lightly soak the chips or sprinkle the shavings with wine, sherry or fruit juice. The more moisture present during the smoking process, the deeper the smoke will penetrate the food.

Place blocks of wood or expendable metal containers in the pan. Select a glazing-type rack that will fit inside the pan and rest on the blocks.

2. Place the pan, minus the rack, on a flattop range set at medium-high or high heat. (Flat-top ranges provide more even heat distribution than open burners.) Combustion will begin at the center of the wood and extend toward the edges.

3. When all chips or shavings are smoking evenly, arrange the foods you have selected to be smoked on the rack. When smoking delicate items such as scallops, shrimp or trout, the rack can be covered with a layer of cheesecloth to prevent sticking and rack indentations. Place the rack over the smoking wood.

4. Use a second hotel pan to loosely cover the smoking food. (A tight-fitting pan will limit the oxygen present in the smoking chamber, causing the formation of large amounts of carboxylic acid and resulting in dark, bitter-tasting food.) Once covered, reduce the heat to medium or move the pan to a medium-temperature area on the range.

5. Smoking times vary with food, equipment and smoking temperature. (The best quality smoke is produced at a combustion temperature between 650F and 750F and an oxidation temperature of 390F to 480F.) Shrimp and scallops range between seven and 15 minutes depending on size. Chicken or duck breasts and fish fillets can take 15 minutes or more, depending on the product's density.

During smoking, check progress occasionally. Properly smoked foods will acquire a rich color but should not appear blackened or burned.

When finished the product needs to be served immediately as does all low fat cooking preparation products.

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