Mole Chichilo

Mole Amarillo
Mole Chichilo
Mole Coloradito
Mole Manchas Manteles
Mole Negro
Mole Rojo
Mole Verde
Ingredient List

Mole Chichilo starts with a rich beef stock. The seeds from the chile De Arbol (very hot), Chile Ancho (mild), and Chile Guajillo (hot) are removed and toasted, as well as the skins of the chiles ( this should be done outdoors). After the seeds are toasted they are placed on top of a corn tortilla which is then toasted on the comal, until almost black but not burned. The toasted tortilla is then ground, along with the seeds. The chile skins are soaked until soft. They are then placed in a blender or hand ground in molcajete (mo-ka-het-tay - a stone three-Iegged mortar and pestle) Avocado leaves are toasted and ground with cumin seeds, garlic, fresh oregano, allspice, tomatoes, tomatillos, chayote and potatoes. The entire mixture is thinned with the beef stock to a little thinner than desired thickness, and reduced to thicken. In most cases the mixture is fried, in a little oil for a fast reduction imparting a different flavor.


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