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Guajillo, dried:      Mirasol, fresh     Capsicum annuum var annuum Linne'

Other Names         Fresh    Miracielo
                         Dried    Cascabel, puya, pullia, trvieso, trompa, perhaps costeno and chilhuacle   

Flavor  Hot, 4 to 5   

Shape  Elongate conical, pointed apex, cayenne type 

Color   Fresh    Green to red to brownish red
            Dried    Translucent reddish brown    

Fresh   not available in any quantities

Dried   Ethnic food stores, commercial spice companies

Processed   Not Processed

Available Cultivars   La Blanca 74', Loreto 74', Real Mirasol

One of the most popular chilies, the name means "little gourd" for the rattling sound the seeds make in the dried pods, which are good for adding to salsas and sauces, next to the ancho is the most used in Mexico.  The flavor is very distinctive and only a small amount is needed to flavor and color dishes prepared with them. Medium-hot peppers with a distinctive flavor are 4 to 6 inches long and deep orange-red with brown tones.

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