Mole Amarillo
Mole Chichilo
Mole Coloradito
Mole Manchas Manteles
Mole Negro
Mole Rojo
Mole Verde
Ingredient List

Mole (pronounced MO-Iay) is derived from the Nahuati (Mexican Indian) word molli which means mixture.  Mole was first produced in Southern Mexico. Ingredients have been found in ruins dating back to 500 B.C. The great state of Oaxaca, Mexico is known for its Seven Moles which are revered throughout Mexico and the Southwest.

They are used just as a sauce or mother sauces from which to build other sauces. Each Mole differs in composition but is only slightly different in preparation. Just like many other sauces, the correct way is the way you were shown to make it.

In each family, the proportions of the same ingredients are different for the same Mole, or the chiles may vary slightly depending if they are grown in that region. Also, the fruits and vegetables and thickening methods may vary .

Most moles should be made about two hours before use and allowed to simmer to develop the rich flavor of the myriad of ingredients.

History/Ingredients Oaxaca Yucatan.

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