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Butterfish  Poronotus triacanthus   Dollarfish, Silver Pomfret, Shiner, Pumpkin-seed, Starfish, Harvestfish, Pacific pompano

One of the best pan fishes of the Atlantic Coast, it is fat and oily but has a delicate flavor.  The maximum size is 12 inches long and 1 1/4 lbs. but average market size is 5 oz.

Butterfish have dark, sweet, richly flavorful meat that's high in fat and tender in texture.

Preparation: An excellent pan fish--it's usually gutted with the head and skin left on. Small fish can be dipped whole in flour and deep fried. Larger fish can be split, then broiled, baked, grilled, or sautéed. The flesh turns white and opaque when cooked

Season   The season varies from April to November at which time the butterfish travels to deeper waters.        

Market Form  Weight Lbs.  Cooking Method
Whole, dressed
Fresh or Frozen
Smoked (fat)
1/4-1 1/4
(8 ounces)
Pan-fry, broil, bake
Classification Size
Small 5 oz. to 1 lb.
Mixed 5 oz .to 1 lb. and over
Large 12 oz. and over


Purchased Size Yield
Round 5 ounces ea.. 100%
Dressed 4 ounces ea. 80%

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