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Chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, guineas, and pigeons are all eligible for grading and certification services provided by the AMS Poultry Programs' Grading Branch. These services are provided in accordance with Federal poultry grading regulations

The difference between standards of quality and the grades assigned to poultry is sometimes misunderstood. The standards of quality cover the various factors that determine the grade. These factors, such as fat covering, fleshing, exposed flesh, discolorations, etc., when evaluated collectively, determine the grade of the bird.

The U .S. Consumer Grades for Poultry are used at the retail level. The U.S. Consumer Grades are: U.S. Grade A; U.S. Grade B; and U.S. Grade C.

The U.S. Procurement Grades are designed primarily for institutional use. These grades are: U.S. Procurement Grade 1 and U.S. Procurement Grade 2.  The Procurement Grades place more emphasis on meat yield than on appearance.

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