Hippoglossus vulgaris

A medium flat fish that has the appearance of a giant over grown flounder. The Pacific Coast halibut is similar to the Atlantic coast species and are often interchanged in markets. the Atlantic Coast variety is usually higher priced and fresher due the more local harvesting. 

Atlantic and Pacific halibut are also good, with extremely lean, firm, tight-grained white meat. Halibut are delicately flavorful, albeit a bit dry.
Greenland, California, and black halibut are considered less desirable, from a culinary point of view.

There is also a price difference between the Pacific Halibut caught on the banks adjacent to the west coast and the Halibut caught on the large banks of western Alaska. The fish caught on the pacific banks are usually firmer, fatter and fresher than the Alaskan variety.

Because Pacific Halibut are caught by hook and line long line method, and are promptly bled, gutted and iced on the boat, the quality is usually excellent.

Grade Size
Pacific Halibut #1 15 to 60 lbs head off
#2 less than 10 lbs or more than 60 lbs.
baby chicken 2 1/2 to 5 lbs.
Atlantic Halibut #1 blue firm meat
#2 white mushy meat
chicken halibut 7 to 12 lbs.

The best size is the 7 to 12 lb Atlantic Chicken Halibut although the 15 to 20 lb head off eviscerated is the most economical.

In California the bastard halibut is sold but this fish is an entirely different species.

Preparation: A firm, fine-textured fish, halibut poaches, grills, broils, braises, and steams particularly well. It is also good roasted or sautéed. The edible skin need not be removed; in fact, leaving the skin on helps steaks keep their shape while cooking

Season      East Coast        New England    March to August

   Market Forms Weight in Lbs. Preparation

 Halibut Steak

smoked, drawn, dressed, fresh, frozen, (fatty) 5-75  some larger Broil, bake, steam, boil, chowder, pan smoked


Purchased Size Yield
Dressed 7-12 lbs 100%
Steaks 5-9 lbs 80%
Fillets 4-7 lbs. 62%

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