Turbot (Scophthalmus maximus or Psetta maxima)

Known as the prince of flatfish. This large flatfish can weigh up to 30 lbs. (most range from 3 to 10 lbs.). It is sand-colored and scaleless, with light, sweet, firm, moist fillets and a delicate flavor used in several classical European dishes.  Turbot commands a high price in fine dining establishments and is beginning to be farmed in Chile.

Prepare simply, accent, do not mask, its subtle flavor. It is excellent poached in dry white wine, or cooked with fresh herbs en papillote. The light meat is also delicious steamed, baked or broiled.

A special pan was created to cook the fish whole called a turbotiève.

 Market Forms  Preparation
Whole, fillets, fresh, or frozen, steak (lean) Bake, pan fried, sauted breaded and fried, deep fat fried, casseroled, poached, steam

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