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Smooth Oreo Dory

Smooth Oreo Dory Pseudocyttusmaculatus, New Zealand - Smooth oreo, Smooth dory,  Japan - Omematodai, France - Saint Pierre de fond de Nouvelle Zelande, Germany - Neuseelandischer Tiefsee-Petersfisch

Average length 14-18 inches, average weight about 2 pounds. Distributed around New Zealand and southern coasts of Australia, South Africa and South America. Despite the name, it is not a member of the family Zeidae (true dories) which are marketed as dory, but belongs to a closely related family. Grey with large dark spots, more prominent in small fish. Scales very small, easily dislodged. Distinguished from other oreos by the very small scales, small fin spines and generally rounded, smooth body form. Occurs around the south of New Zealand, 600 m to over 1000 m. Distribution tends to overlap black oreo dory and spiky oreo dory. New Zealand's second most abundant oreo dory. Caught by deep sea trawling. Available all year. A moderate resource.

Firm white fillets which are larger and thicker than fillets of black oreo dory. Does not flake easily, hold: together with cooking. Suitable for most cooking methods.

Dory Halibut Moonfish Turbot

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