Cleaning & Detailing

Gelatin Preparation
Cover Glazing Trays
Setting Chafing Dish Station
Glazing Techniques
Cleaning & Detailing

Station Setup for cleaning 

Tools required

. Glazed food - particularly odd-shaped pieces on toothpicks - will always require some cleaning. If the cleaning process is ignored or done improperly the food will appear heavy, sloppy, and unprofessional.

Light the second can of fuel you set out earlier and warm a palette knife over the flame. 

Do not make the knife too hot or it will burn the aspic and result in a poor finish. Use the warm knife to trim off any excess aspic; also remove any bubbles by applying the knife lightly to the food. Small modeling or decal irons can be used to make the job go a little faster.

Place the cleaned pieces in 2 or 4-inch pans, arranging them by food type and in the order in which they will be used. Match up all items required to complete a buffet platter, plate or hot platter. This will help prevent confusion when it's time to set up, since by then you'll probably be exhausted and less than alert.

Cover the pans with plastic wrap to prevent drying, and keep them chilled until time for set up.

Introduction to Gelatin

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