Setting Chafing Dish Station

Gelatin Preparation
Cover Glazing Trays
Setting Chafing Dish Station
Glazing Techniques
Cleaning & Detailing
Light one can of fuel and place it under the chafing dish. Cover the chafer. Allow the water to heat and warm the towel. Have another can of fuel ready; it will be used later.

  While the chafing dish is warming, assemble more necessary equipment; styrofoam blocks covered with plastic wrap (to prevent foam particles from falling into the aspic); toothpicks; a - to 1-gallon bowl of aspic; your pre-arranged glazing tools; and a small bain marie to clean the tools.

Also line a strainer with cheesecloth. During the glazing process, bits of food and oil will accumulate in the aspic and create an undesirable coating. To remove these impurities, strain the aspic through the cheesecloth as necessary.

Introduction to Gelatin

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