ZATS Restaurants

ZATS RESTAURANTS, New ORLEANS, Louisiana                                                     2009 - 2010

Start up 25 unit casual dining restaurant chain showcasing Louisiana cuisine with first round of financing completed.  Brought on to define and develop concept and launch second round of financing with the Business Plan, Private Placement Memorandum and investor presentations.

Prepared the start up restaurant chain financing and roll out plan.

  • Restaurant design, guest preference and  market research, menu and supply chain development

  • Completed Louisiana Themed building and design

  • Completed business structure including supply chain management and cash flow statements

  • Prepared business plan, completed private placement memorandum, conducted presentations to investors


Executive Experience

Total Food Network, Inc
President, CEO

ZATS Restaurants
President, CEO

Levy Restaurants
Regional Chef, Senior Leadership Team

Darden Restaurants
Senior Vice President

California Culinary Academy, Inc. {COOK} NASDAQ}
President, CEO

Walt Disney World Co.
Executive Chef R&D/Business Strategies. Park