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Calico Scallops
  Argopecten gibbus

With meat slightly darker than that of the bay scallop the calico has a sweet nutty flavor with a lean firm texture. The calico scallop takes its name from the markings on the shell which are finely-ribbed, striped and spotty, usually reddish brown on white.

Calicos are harvested by dredges in the warm waters from North Carolina south to Brazil and In the Gulf of Mexico

Calicos are the least expensive of the scallops they are sometimes substituted for the more expensive bay scallop.  They are however easy to distinguish as they have sharp white edges created by the stem used to open their shells.

Market Form Size Cooking Method
Fresh - shucked
Frozen -meats
150-300 fried, broil,
sauté, ceviche, steam

While scallops are commonly eared cooked, bays are sometimes eaten raw due to their size and freshness.  Like clams and oysters, scallops may carry Vibrio vulificus.  Though not a common occurrence, this does present a health hazard to people with compromised immune systems.

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