Mushroom Chart
Wild Seasons

To Prepare for Cooking and Serving Wipe mushrooms clean with a damp cloth or rinse quickly in water; do not soak mushrooms. Peel only if the caps are very discolored. Cut a small slice off the bottom of mushrooms stems and discard the slice. All other mushroom parings can be used in soups If desired. Leave mushrooms whole, or slice with the stems on; remove. stems and leave caps whole. Removed stems may be chopped or sliced. Mushrooms may also be chopped, quartered, sliced or minced. They are also fluted to use as a garnish. Dried mushrooms may be kept indefinitely, if tightly covered, To use, simply cover in liquid from 1/2 to 2 hours, or until soft and pliable. The soaking liquid can be used for added flavor-decrease other liquids accordingly.

Serve Hot, as a vegetable with meat, poultry or fish; as a garnish; stuffed as an appetizer or accompaniment broiled, as a sauce; baked; as a soup; or in stews, casseroles, etc.

Cold, raw, as an appetizer or snack; pickled or marinated as an hors d'oeuvre or relish.

Approximate Cooking Times

 Market Forms  Cooking Forms  Sauté Minutes  Bake Minutes  Broil Minutes
 Fresh  Whole cap  7-10  15  4-6
   sliced  4-6  10  
   stuffed cap  15-20  20-25  5-8
 Canned  Whole  Heat    5
   stems and pieces  3-4    
   sliced  5-7    
   soups  heat    
 Frozen  Whole caps  10    35-40
 Jarred  Whole  Heat    
   stems and pieces 3-4     5
   sliced  5-7    
   various, in butter  heat    35-40
 Dried  Sliced soaked  10-15  15-20  

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