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Tri Bean Puree Soup

Puree soups are purees of starchy vegetables or leguminous, where as the a puree of poultry, game , fish, and shellfish are more called coulis.

Purees of starchy vegetables or legumes  include beans, lentils, split peas, and others.  These vegetables have enough starch so the puree will not need anything added to bind it. The secret of good purees is the proper cooking of the ingredients so they can be easily blended.  Among the classic purred soups are vichyssoise and leek.

Bearnaise Puree Carrot Puree Cauliflower Puree Fresh Pea Puree Pea Puree Lamballe Lentil Puree Potato Puree Red Bean Puree Vegetable Puree White Bean Puree Yellow Pea Puree.

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