Escargot Snail
Key Hole Limpet
Trophon Top Shell

Welk (Whelk) mollusca are known to hunt their own prey and also eat other shellfish. The average length of welk mollusca is 5 inches and the largest can grow up to 15 inches long.  The common names whelk and conch refer to large snails.

The common welk mollusca like to live in the environment and soft bottom. Most of the welk mollusca siphon their food and their diet may consist of clams that are opened by their hard shell, then they insert their long proboscis. Radula, rough tongue-like organ helps them when they eat and this also serves as their teeth. The rough tooth like organ helps them smell its food and can sense if there are any predators coming at them.

Some fishermen use crabs as bait to catch whelk and this industry have grown in all parts of the world with the increasing overseas demand this type of marine snail

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