click on picture to enlarge Hawaiian Snapper Roulade with Scallop Mousse, Tomato, Fennel and Saffron Broth*
  2 servings
Amount Measure Ingredients
2 1/2 lb Onaga or Opakapaka Snapper
6 ea Chard, blanched
1 T chives, chopped
4 oz scallops
2 oz fish scraps from snapper, cut into 1 inch cube
1 ea egg
1/2 cup heavy cream
1 teaspoon clam base
  to taste salt and pepper
Place the scallops and cube snappers in a food processor and puree coarsely, using the pulse switch.  Add the eggs, clam base, a little salt and pepper.  Then add cream in slowly.  Scrape down the side of processor and pulse again until the mixture is smooth.  Fillet the red snapper and save the bones for stock.  Cut 2 snapper fillet into rectangular shape, 4 inch long and 1 1/2 inch in width.  Season the snapper with salt and pepper.  Line a well oiled, 1 1/2 inch deep x 2 1/2 inch wide ring mold with snapper, skin side out.  Lay the chard on the fish and pipe the scallop mousse into the mold, inside the snapper.  Place the roulade in the steamer basket In a sauce pan of lightly boiling water, covered and steam for 15 minutes or until the fish and mousse are fully cooked.
* John C. Meriales, Maui Marriott Resort & Ocean Club